Cultivating Mental Health Support in the Workplace: Strategies for Employers

In today’s fast-paced and demanding work landscape, prioritizing employee well-being is no longer just a commendable gesture – it’s a strategic imperative. The link between a healthy workforce and a thriving business is undeniable, and one of the most crucial aspects of well-being is mental health. As the discourse around mental health becomes more open […]

Navigating Brain Drain: Unveiling Best Practices for a Comprehensive Retention Strategy

In recent years, our beloved country has been grappling with a pressing issue that has far-reaching consequences for its socio-economic development: brain drain. The phenomenon of brain drain, where our young and skilled professionals leave their home country in pursuit of better opportunities abroad, has become more pronounced than ever in Mauritius. This exodus not […]

Work-Life balance vs Work-Life blending

In an era characterized by the rise in flexible work arrangements, the boundary between our professional and personal spheres has grown increasingly indistinct. As a result, achieving a work-life balance has become a more challenging pursuit. However, the challenge of attaining work-life equilibrium predates the era of remote work and managing multiple concurrent projects. It’s […]