Work-Life balance vs Work-Life blending

In an era characterized by the rise in flexible work arrangements, the boundary between our professional and personal spheres has grown increasingly indistinct. As a result, achieving a work-life balance has become a more challenging pursuit. However, the challenge of attaining work-life equilibrium predates the era of remote work and managing multiple concurrent projects. It’s a goal that necessitates consistent and mindful dedication, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Perhaps, a more effective solution lies in the concept of work-life blend, rather than mere balance. Work-life blend implies that you need not rigidly allocate specific time, energy, or attention solely to work or personal matters. Instead, it emphasizes deriving satisfaction from a harmonious and sustainable incorporation of both aspects. While you might invest additional hours into work on one day, you might allocate less time on the following day. You might leave your workplace early to collect your child from school, yet still remain accessible in the event of an urgent request. 

Work-life blend entails discovering methods to disengage temporarily from either sphere—work or personal life—without necessary compromises, sacrifices, or preferential of one over the other.

How to achieve a work-life blend?

Knowing when and where you are most productive?

Each person works differently. Some of us flourish within the confines of a traditional office environment, while others are more effective while working remotely, either partially or exclusively, in the serene hush of your personal living space.


Even with a blend, there’s still a limit to how much you can do in a day or week—so prioritization can help. A good example would be how freelancers manage this work-life blend. Blending doesn’t necessarily mean being able to do everything, it is about finding ways to blend together the two significant areas of your life, so you can do more.

Consider the different roles you undertake within the realms of both your professional and personal life. From colleague to leader and parent, each of us assumes a multitude of roles that we seamlessly transition between. Simultaneously, reflect on the array of priorities that occupy your attention, ranging from safeguarding your personal well-being and sharing meaningful moments with your family to ensuring you carve out moments of relaxation and detachment.

Be flexible

It’s important to understand sometimes your boundaries and priorities will change, and you will have to adapt to it. It is okay to miss a family night out because you were working on a project with tight deadlines, but still remain available on your phone to answer any calls or messages from them. It is also okay to attend a call while walking your pets. Technology has enabled us to be connected all the time.

Regular reviews

Regularly assess your roles, priorities, and the allocation of your time and energy. This ensures that you’re effectively blending work and life in a manner that aligns with your individual needs and preferences.

Final thoughts

Achieving a work-life blend is about being connected and accessible to your organization, while also embracing the liberty afforded by flexible work arrangements. It hinges on finding the right equilibrium between setting boundaries and fulfilling your obligations.

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